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Welcome to the website, your one-stop online source for worship resources. We have designed the site to be as simple as possible to use and fit not only with the widest variety of worship styles, but with the widest variety of worship planning styles possible. The site has two core capabilities: to find and buy music, and to plan worship. When you arrive at the homepage, you will notice several things that will be available to you throughout your visit to the site.

At top right, are the main functions of the site and they will appear here throughout your visit to The text at top is for your personal account. Registration is absolutely free, and unlocks some key features that we will discover later. If you have already registered, you can click the "sign in" to access your work.

The blue tabs give you access to the main "work" functions of the site. The "Home" tab brings you back to this home page. The "Plan Worship" tab starts the online planner process. The "Find & Buy" tab lets you go straight to finding music. The "Media Library" is place where you can find your tracks, charts, and media that you have purchased. it is also where you will download these items.

On the left, these functions are duplicated with some shortcuts. At the top, we have a search box, so that if you are ready to look for music, you can type it in right at the homepage. The next link takes you to the "Find & Buy" page. The "Create a SongMap™" link starts the process of creating a SongMap™ by showing you all of the mappable songs and hymns available at the site. And the "Create Worship Plan" link starts the online planner process. At the bottom of this column is a link to order the "non-downloadable" parts of the Worship Project, these include hymnals, compact discs and CD-ROMs. This links you back to where you can browse through the various compilation products that are available.

At the bottom of the page are links to Frequently Asked Questions, where we share questions and answers that site visitors like yourself have asked; the Terms of Service, where we detail all the legal information about using the site; Customer Service, which gives you links to our help system and our contact information; and our Privacy Policy, where we let you know about how your information is used on the site.

Still have questions?  Contact our technical support at 800.436.3869 or