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Once you have added something to your shopping cart at, you can create a SongMap of it. SongMap is probably the most powerful, easy-to-use tool at It puts the power of a professional arranger into the hands of any pastor or worship pastor of any size church. Below the title is a blue box with the words "map this song?"

Let us find out how to get into the songmap application. When you click "Map this Song" the first thing you will see is an explanation of SongMap. As you can see, the SongMap feature allows you to change the order of verses, choruses, introductions, transitions and even keys for certain songs at At this point, you can choose either to continue on to the SongMap, or you can return to the Find and Buy area. let us continue to SongMap.

In a new dialogue box, there are the basic instructions you need to map a song. Add to your arrangement by dragging a section of the song into the "Create Your Own Arrangement" area. Start with the basic structure by clicking "default arrangement." To delete a slice, double click it and choose "delete selected," and press play to hear what you have done. If you have logged into the site, you can check the "Don't show again" box so you skip this warning in the future.

Here we see the SongMap. As you can see, we have chosen to map "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus", in it is the "traditional hymn" version. For a refresher on the basic information about how to use SongMap, click the help link in the top-right corner so you can see the instructions again.

This area near the top is the "Create Your Own Arrangement" area. The first thing you will notice here is that currently, the arrangement lasts for two minutes and nine seconds. It currently includes all of the sections that make up the "default" version of the song. As you can see here, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" has an introduction, Verse 1, Turn 1, Verse 2, Verse 3, and Verse 4. Each one is also identified with its key. If we click on a section, we can pick it up with the mouse and move it to a different part of the arrangement. Just for fun, let us click on Intro and drag it to the end.

Now you will notice that the intro is now at the end of the arrangement, and all of the other sections have moved forward. Turn 1 has moved up to fill the gap where Verse 1 used to be. Right below the arrangement, we have some additional editing features. You can click this button to select all of the sections. When that is done, they all become selected and the button has been changed to "deselect all." The next button is delete selected.

When you double click a section, it is highlighted in yellow. Then when you click "delete selected," it is removed from your current arrangement. The next button is "start over". This is sort of a "reset" button that puts all of the sections back where they originally were. If we click "select all", "delete selected", and then "start over"; we are right back where we started!

To the right is a trash can. Instead of double-clicking on a section and choosing "delete selected" we have created a one-step method to delete a single section. Just drag it to the trash and it is gone.

Let us not sing the forth verse. we will just drag it to the trash. Now, to restore that piece that we trashed, we could hit the "start over" button, or we could look to the next area of the page, the "available sections" area. In this area, you will see all of the sections that are available to add to your arrangement. let us replace the Verse 4 section that we trashed before. we will find it here in the area below and click and drag it into our arrangement. you will notice that the section is still available in the "available sections" area. Just because we have used a section once does not mean you can not use it again. If we wanted to sing Verse 4 twice, we just drag i

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