Music for Worship

Pastors and Worship Leaders, as you align your worship service plans with The Gospel Project curriculum, you are encouraged to consider the worship songs, hymns, and praise songs listed below. In addition to a thematically aligned list of suggested songs, compiled in effort to compliment each study unit within The Gospel Project, you will discover a wealth of worship resources, including charts, lyric files, orchestrations, accompaniment tracks, and much more!

Fall 2012

Unit 1

General Revelation

God is Not Hiding
The God Who Reveals Himself through Creation

Psalm 19:1-6 / Romans 1:20a / Acts 14:16-17
God creates the world for our good and His glory. By observing God's handiwork in creation, we gain awareness of His existence, His attributes, and His benevolent intentions. Our response to God's general revelation should be celebration of His kindness in giving us creation as a signpost that leads back to Him, the source of lasting joy.

Unit 2

Special Revelation

God is Not Mute
The God Who Reveals Himself through His Word

2 Timothy 3:16 / Psalm 19:7-11 / Luke 24:25-27
God has not only revealed Himself through creation; He has also spoken to us through the written Word. Through His Word, God specifies His intentions for humanity and His expectations of us. He shows us how the glory of Christ is the purpose of world history. We are to respond to God's special revelation by aligning our lives with God's expressed will.

Unit 3

How the Fall Affects Our View of God's Word

Twisted Words
How the Fall Affects Our View of God's Word

Genesis 3:1-6
God speaks to us through general revelation and special revelation, but we choose to twist His Word and disobey His commands. By looking at the actions of Adam and Eve, we can see our own propensity to rebel against God's revelation by minimizing God and maximizing ourselves.

Unit 4

Our Responsibility to Hear and Obey the Law of God

Standard of Conduct
God Reveals His Standard of Obedience

Exodus 20:1-17
Some view God's Law as limiting rather than liberating, but within the Bible's storyline, we see the Law as a description of a life of joyous freedom under the God who has made us. The Law clearly explains God's standard for our relationship to Him and to others, spotlighting God's holiness while exposing our failures and faults. The Law reveals our need for salvation, but is powerless to save us. Even as God legislates, He points us to Jesus, who keeps the Law in our place.

Unit 5

The Consequences of Disobeying God's Law

Pulling the Plug
How Our Disobedience of God's Word Results in Death

Ephesians 2:1-2 / Romans 6:23 / Isaiah 64:6 / Romans 3:10-12
Our disobedience to God's Word results in death because, by our disobedience, we deliberately cut ourselves off from the source of life. Despite our best efforts and best desires, we cannot escape the punishment that we deserve: physical and eternal death. Our only hope is that God would pardon us for our disobedience to His Word.